Recently there have been several dog attacks in the Cedar Rapids area. As the local AKC dog club serving Cedar Rapids, we felt it important to express our thoughts on this very important topic. First, we would like those that have been hurt or harmed by these actions to know that our thoughts are with you. It is such a shame when things like this happen because they are so easy to prevent if appropriate steps are taken by the owner when they first get the animal as a puppy. 

It is CRKA's firm opinion that no specific dog breed is bad or should be discriminated against. However CRKA does believe that there are bad owners and unfortunately bad owners can easily create a dog that can be harmful to those around it. So simply stated "Dogs are not inherintly bad, but bad owners can certainly train a dog to be bad". This is true of any breed. Due to this, CRKA does not support breed specific Legislation, but rather legislation that supports owner education and proper pet care. 

We believe that many, if not all, of these problems can be fixed by owner education and training. CRKA recommends the following for all new dog owners to ensure that they receive the proper education in the handling and training of their pets, and so their dogs have the best possible future.
  • Ensure that your puppy is purchased from a reputable breeder that tests for health and temperment issues
  • All puppies should attend a puppy socialization class with their owners as soon as possible after coming home
  • All puppies should attend obedience training classes, that focus on positive training methods, once they are emotionally mature
  • All dogss should receive regular veterinary care
If anyone would like to contact CRKA about these issues please don't hesitate.
Our Board of Director's contact information is listed on the contacts tab. 


The Cedar Rapids Kennel Assocation (CRKA) is a not for profit member club of The American Kennel Club (AKC)
that has been in the Cedar Rapids area for over 75 years. CRKA's mission as set out in its constitution is:
• To further the advancement of all breeds of purebred dogs.
• To conduct events for which the club is eligible to hold under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.